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Bored on Sunday (Prod. None Like Joshua)

by Adverse



None Like Joshua created an original song called 'Bored on Sunday' and put the instrumental up for free download. Here is my version of it.


A change in the norm
Kinda been feeling like a maniac when I'm out facing a storm
'Cause I've been kicked down when the pavement is warm
Been a lover not a fighter from the day I was born

But I taught myself to push through it
Anything I wanted I had to just do it
So I started writing music
Up all night and I learned to use it

Found songs that I could relate to
Studying words I'd play out the tape to
These emcees gave me an escape route
Now there's no need to tell the world I hate you

So I listened very carefully
With my headphones on people stared at me
'Cause I made it look like they're a pair of cleats
I just couldn't get enough of snares and beats

Now I share defeat
'Cause I care to be
An honest man who doesn't really get that clarity when it's fair to cheat

On the highlight reel
People don't see what I might feel
Everything's better in hindsight still
That's why when I talk I'm like chill

Out for the time
Gotta keep pushing when I'm mounting a climb
'Cause I'm out of my mind
Stuck inside a world that's got me coloring out of the lines

When will I find...
That special shine...
I feel behind...

This ain't nothing new
I want something true
Give me that stick of Elmer's glue
Just wanna say that I love you

But I digress,
Everything now is a little high stress
Lost a friend but life goes on
Not pretend despite what's wrong

Time to get my life in check
But I'm confused, like what's next?
Got a move that might impress
Time to prove that I'm tight at chess

But I'm bored on Sunday
On this runway, man I must say
I just wanna live my life
And achieve my goals, hopefully someday


I walk on a line that separates wants
From the security of my needs but I can't get rid of these thoughts

Telling me to take a chance
I can't continue making plans
If I wanna chase my true passion
I can't stay patient to advance

I've lost interest in the things that matter most
My friends say that I shatter hopes 'cause I've become a rapping ghost

But that aint true
I don't remember when I had
All of this time they think I have
To get my words into rap

Maybe I should just drop out
Maybe I should just drop out?
For real? did I say that?
I miss the days when I laid back

But I guess that's normal
Growing old, life gets formal
As a kid I didn't know that
'Cause I believed I was immortal


Time to get my life in check
But I can't stop thinking about what to write next
Metaphorical wordplay songs
Or reassurance that I stay strong

Where ever I aim
Hopefully I sever the strain
Between my two conflicts of interest
'Cause I'm proud I did this

I gotta stay head strong
Even when I feel like I'm being led wrong
Intuition, now my mission
Never to sleep, like my bed's gone

So I sit at my desk
And I bang on my chest
And I ask myself:
Have you lived life yet?


released February 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Adverse Albuquerque, New Mexico

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