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Bored on Sunday (Prod. None Like Joshua)

by Adverse

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None Like Joshua created an original song called 'Bored on Sunday' and put the instrumental up for free download. Here is my version of it.


A change in the norm
Kinda been feeling like a maniac when I'm out facing a storm
'Cause I've been kicked down when the pavement is warm
Been a lover not a fighter from the day I was born

But I taught myself to push through it
Anything I wanted I had to just do it
So I started writing music
Up all night and I learned to use it

Found songs that I could relate to
Studying words I'd play out the tape to
These emcees gave me an escape route
Now there's no need to tell the world I hate you

So I listened very carefully
With my headphones on people stared at me
'Cause I made it look like they're a pair of cleats
I just couldn't get enough of snares and beats

Now I share defeat
'Cause I care to be
An honest man who doesn't really get that clarity when it's fair to cheat

On the highlight reel
People don't see what I might feel
Everything's better in hindsight still
That's why when I talk I'm like chill

Out for the time
Gotta keep pushing when I'm mounting a climb
'Cause I'm out of my mind
Stuck inside a world that's got me coloring out of the lines

When will I find...
That special shine...
I feel behind...

This ain't nothing new
I want something true
Give me that stick of Elmer's glue
Just wanna say that I love you

But I digress,
Everything now is a little high stress
Lost a friend but life goes on
Not pretend despite what's wrong

Time to get my life in check
But I'm confused, like what's next?
Got a move that might impress
Time to prove that I'm tight at chess

But I'm bored on Sunday
On this runway, man I must say
I just wanna live my life
And achieve my goals, hopefully someday


I walk on a line that separates wants
From the security of my needs but I can't get rid of these thoughts

Telling me to take a chance
I can't continue making plans
If I wanna chase my true passion
I can't stay patient to advance

I've lost interest in the things that matter most
My friends say that I shatter hopes 'cause I've become a rapping ghost

But that aint true
I don't remember when I had
All of this time they think I have
To get my words into rap

Maybe I should just drop out
Maybe I should just drop out?
For real? did I say that?
I miss the days when I laid back

But I guess that's normal
Growing old, life gets formal
As a kid I didn't know that
'Cause I believed I was immortal


Time to get my life in check
But I can't stop thinking about what to write next
Metaphorical wordplay songs
Or reassurance that I stay strong

Where ever I aim
Hopefully I sever the strain
Between my two conflicts of interest
'Cause I'm proud I did this

I gotta stay head strong
Even when I feel like I'm being led wrong
Intuition, now my mission
Never to sleep, like my bed's gone

So I sit at my desk
And I bang on my chest
And I ask myself:
Have you lived life yet?


released February 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Adverse Albuquerque, New Mexico

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